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Savings Bundle- soft binder

Savings Bundle- soft binder

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Binder color
Savings challenge

This bundle will include:

✔️A soft cover binder.

✔️12 monthly savings coloring sheets w/1 envelope

✔️As well as 5 customized cash envelopes (you will transfer the money you have saved with your monthly savings challenge into these 5 cash envelopes)

➡️This is a GREAT beginners bundle to start with and such a fun way to save extra money monthly.

**Please note- the 5 envelopes are fully customized, you will need to let us know what you want for these 5 envelopes within 36hrs of ordering. If we cannot get ahold of you, we will send these 5 default envelopes- vacation, holidays and birthdays, debt, savings and emergencies.**

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