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100 Day Savings Challenge

100 Day Savings Challenge

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This is a larger A5 binder (about 6” wide 8” tall)

➡️Comes with the 4 pocket envelopes labeled 1-100 For you to fill and a laminated tracker to keep track of progress.

💰This challenge can work a few different ways- Envelopes are labeled 1-100 and you fill each envelope with corresponding amount of money (I.e 1 you will put $1 in, 32 you will put $32 in etc) however how you decide to fill them is the variable- you can
1)choose a random envelope and just put that amount in (I.e you randomly pull envleope 72 you will put $72 in)
2)if you have extra money you want to put into the challenge you can choose that amount of envelope(s) to fill- let’s say you have $65 to put into the challenge you can either select the #65 envelope and put it in, or you can choose multiple envelopes to equal the $65 (I.e envelopes 32,3, 25, and 5)
At the end of the challenge you will have saved a total of $5050 dollars!!!!! 🤩 🤑🤑

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