About Us

Savers and Spenders was formed In 2023. Kendra and Tamar have been friends since high school and they both love to help people! When they came across the Cash Envelope System they both fell in love with it and had been doing something similar throughout both of their adult lives. Just like how their opposite personalities brought them to become best friends they are utilizing these differences to create this business! 
Tamar is a single mother of two daughters and when covid hit she really felt the struggle to not only make ends meet but also save and get ahead. She started to customize her own cash envelope system and has found what works best for her family. Ever since she was little she has been great with numbers, her father was a CPA and had his own business. Tamar like most little girls idolized her father and has always loved working with numbers. She wants to use her love for numbers, and budgeting along with her education and knowledge to help others take hold of their finances and finally have that feeling of getting ahead! 
Kendra has always been a free spirited soul and just loves to travel and experience new things! She lives by the mantra “live like there’s no tomorrow, you cannot bring the things with you!” With that she tries to travel and experience as much as she can! In order to do so she has included traveling needs into her budget! She wants to help people to realize living life to the fullest is available to anyone!! Utilizing budgeting tools can help you achieve any financial goal you have! 
The two opposite personalities have come together to help not only the Savers but also the Spenders with budgeting their finances!